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Sunriver Real Estate Market Update February 2020

Wed Feb 24 2021
This week the median list price for Sunriver, OR 97707 is $1,175,000 with the market action index hovering around 77. This is an increase over last month's market action index of 75. Inventory has held steady at or around 6. Click here to stay informed with the Sunriver market!

Market Action Index

This answers "How's the Market?" by comparing rate of sales versus inventory.


In the last few weeks the market has achieved a relative stasis point in terms of sales to inventory. However, inventory is sufficiently low to keep us in the Seller's Market zone so watch changes in the MAI. If the market heats up, prices are likely to resume an upward climb.

Real Estate Market Profile Sunriver

If you would like to know about what the Sunriver real estate market is doing give me a call at 541-815-0906 or email at

See the real estate market report for last month here.

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Top Ten Sunriver Summer Activities
Sunriver Summer Fun

Sunriver Oregon is a place for families with something for everyone to do and enjoy regardless of age. It is a place where you can get away from a busy schedule, spend quality family time and reflect on what is important. If you are a Sunriver visitor, you can enjoy the same amenities that lured homeowners to this special place. Below are the top ten summer activities that you and your family might enjoy in and around Sunriver.

  1. Sunriver Paved Bike Paths 

    offer 34 miles of paved adventure awaits. The favored vehicle for getting around in Sunriver is a bicycle. Most vacation homes come stocked with cruisers or three speeds, some even include smaller bikes for kids. If you come to Sunriver you can rent everything from tandems to tag-along trailers at four area bike rental shops in Sunriver.

               Village Bike & Ski
               4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters
               Sunriver Resort Bike Barn
               Sunriver Sports

               For the safety of all riders & pedestrians enjoy the paved pathway but keep the rules in mind.


  1. Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC)

    is a year-round aquatic, outdoor aquatics are open from Memorial Day through September. The SHARC center available to day visitors as well as Sunriver vacationers. The facility features indoor lap pool, whirlpool, kids play pool, hot tub, outdoor pool, lazy river, two water slides, event space, outdoor basketball court, disc golf, winter tubing hill, Paulina park, and disk golf.

  2. The Village at Sunriver

    offers something for everyone, coffee & pastries, craft beer, great restaurants, boutique shopping, art gallery, outdoor recreation rentals, family entertainment, events and much more! The Village at Sunriver is an outdoor open-air mall nestled among the pine trees. Many local family-owned businesses have called Village at Sunriver home since 1974.

  3. Sunriver Marina

    Floating the Big Deschutes River in the summer is so refreshing and relaxing. There are several rental companies in the area that will rent floating devices
  4. Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory

    explore nature and seek the stars all in one place. A visit to Sunriver is not complete without a stop here.


  1. High Desert Museum

    is a unique museum full of natural world and cultural history of the West's High Desert region through artful exhibits, alluring animals, engaging programs, and meaningful history. The museum is located just 10 minutes north of Sunriver on Highway 97.

  2. Lava Caves

    is a-mile-long lava tube that is self-guided and takes about 1.5 hours to tour the entire cave.

  3. Sunriver Stables

    is the perfect place to saddle up for adventure. Enjoy guided trail rides, lessons, and pony rides for ages 2-6.

  4. Sunriver Resort Golf Courses

    are a golfer's paradise, Sunriver golf courses are the ideal choice for a golf vacation. Sunriver offers 63 holes of the best golf in the west, these courses are challenging enough for golfers of all skill levels.

  5. Sage Springs Spa in Sunriver  

    is a full-service spa with many services.

Being a Sunriver home owner does have it's advantages, see what the Benefits fo Being a Sunriver Home Owner would be.


The Benefits of Double-Pane Windows

You are curled up on the couch in your living room on a cold day, and suddenly feel a draft that makes the hair on your neck stand up. The window is not open, but it's allowing heat to escape and letting the cool air in.

The Department of Energy reports that approximately 25% to 30% of energy loss for the average American household can be attributed to the inefficiency of single-pane windows. By simply replacing them with double-pane windows, you could prevent 50% of that warm or cool air from escaping through the windows. In turn, you could slash your energy bills by up to 20–30% each year. 

But that's just one potential benefit from switching out a single pane of glass for double-pane windows. Let's take a look at what a double-pane window is, what makes it a superior option, and how your household could benefit from this change.

What Is a Double-Pane Window?

The main difference between single- and double-pane windows is their structure. A single-pane window only has one layer of glass and is not an efficient insulator during extreme seasons. A double-pane window, on the other hand, has two layers of glass with air between the sheets for maximum insulation. Some double-pane window designs may even have argon between the layers. Argon is an invisible gas that optimizes thermal efficiency and reduces heat transfer. 

Benefits of Upgrading to Double Panes


Today, over 118 million American homes have double- or even triple-pane windows. This accounts for nearly 60% of all U.S. homes — but this means that 40% of homes still rely on old window technology.  While many people opt for single-pane windows for the low initial price point, these types of windows will cause the homeowner to spend much more on utilities in the long term than if double-pane windows were installed.

Environmentally Friendly

The Energy Information Administration stated that, in 2012, homes comprised of a fifth of primary energy consumption in the U.S. and were responsible for approximately 20% of nationwide CO2 release. If a greater number of American homeowners made a concerted effort to switch to double-pane windows, this energy consumption could be reduced.

No matter what type of heat source you use to warm your home (i.e. a fireplace, a gas furnace, or an electric central heating system), double-pane windows limit the need for heating sources to be used as often. When you don't use as much heat, you burn fewer fossil fuels and lessen your CO2 greenhouse gas emissions — and therefore, reduce your carbon footprint. Upgrading to double-pane windows is a way to contribute to helping the planet. 

Improved Security

Unlike single-pane windows, double-pane windows feature a more substantial locking mechanism and their tight seal prevents intruders from breaking the structure to get into your house. Double-pane windows are also stronger and do not shatter easily when struck. Your home is more secure with double-pane windows. 

Reduced Noise
the benefits of double pane windows

Whether you have noisy next-door neighbors or you live on a busy street with lots of traffic, excessive noise can take a toll on your sanity. Ambient noise can only do so much to cover up the sound of the incessant honking, loud music, and heavy-duty vehicles passing by. Switching to double-pane windows can help you enjoy a quieter and more peaceful home. The two layers of glass offer insulation from the outside world so that you and your family can relax without the constant ruckus. 

Less Condensation

Window condensation during the cold months might not appear to be a big deal, but a buildup of moisture is indicative of a bigger problem. It shows how inefficient the windows are at preventing heat transfer, and it can lead to problems with mold over time. With double-pane windows, you can consider your condensation problem solved. 

Added Home Value

In spending a little up front to upgrade your windows, you add value to your property. If you decide to move in the future, double-pane windows are a drawcard for potential buyers, and you'll see a return on your investment once it has sold. 

Newer Style Options

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows has a positive effect on your house's aesthetics. Window technology has come a long way — and so has window design. Double-paned windows come in a variety of styles, including the sliding window, or double-hung window. Double-pane windows are worth the expense when you consider that the windows are known as the "eyes of your house." Updating windows to a newer style has a great impact on your curb appeal.

Choosing the Right Double-Pane Windows for Your Home

Before choosing double-pane windows for your home, it's important to know your options. Double-pane windows come in all sorts of styles, materials, and designs. And because each house is different, your window selection may be different, too. 

Most window companies have several materials for you to choose from: vinyl, aluminum, wood, clad wood, and fiberglass. All of these materials are available in various styles, including the following: 

  • Double-hung: Double-hung windows can move both up and down because both window frame sashes are operable.
  • Single-hung: Single-hung windows are similar to double-hung. The only difference is that one of the sashes is operable, while the other is fixed. 
  • Casement: Casement windows have a traditional charm. Many are operated with a crank and swing outward for a clear view. 
  • Awning windows: Awning windows operate on a hinge, allowing them to open at an angle, which provides both ventilation and rain protection. 
  • Picture windows: These windows are fixed and cannot open. They are ideal for large spaces, and let in lots of natural light. 

Make an Informed Decision. Explore Your Options Today.

Double-pane windows are a cost-effective visual enhancement to your house and a primary way to reduce household energy costs. Explore your options today by speaking to a qualified window professional in your area.

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Buying A Home
Buying a home

The purchase of a home may be the biggest investment you ever make - one that First American wants to help you protect. Whether you're just starting to look at listings or you've already signed a purchase agreement for your dream home, we can help walk you through the home purchase process - and then help you keep your home protected.

Should I Buy?

Your specific reasons for buying a home will always be unique, but common factors to consider before deciding to purchase a home include:

How Do I Prepare?

When you do find your perfect home, you may need to act quickly. That's why it's a good idea to make sure you have all your financial arrangements in order beforehand.

Before you start shopping, it's a good idea to:

  • Set a budget (a mortgage broker can help with this)
  • Plan for a down payment (typically between 10 and 20 percent of the asking price)
  • Get copies of your current credit report
  • Become an optimal credit candidate
  • Get preapproved for a mortgage

Who Can Help Me?

Purchasing a home may be the largest financial expenditure you make in your lifetime. For this reason, you may want assistance in navigating the real estate market and home-buying process. Hiring a real estate agent or broker can be a big help. A real estate agent can help you by:

  • Finding budget- and location-appropriate listings
  • Arranging viewings
  • Communicating and negotiating with sellers
  • Locating off-market listings
  • Keeping the transaction moving
  • Offering advice

How Do I Make An Offer?

When you are ready to make an offer, you and your real estate agent will need to draw up a contract with the applicable information. Your real estate agent will then present this offer to the sellers (or sellers' real estate agent). The sellers may accept, decline or counter the offer.

Your offer might include:

  • Sale price/offered price
  • Street address and a description of the surrounding land
  • Sale terms (cash purchase, mortgage financing, etc.)
  • Seller's written intent to transfer title (ownership)
  • The date the property will change hands
  • Any agreements on the prorating of utility bills
  • Payment of title insurance and home inspections
  • Deed details
  • State-specific required clauses (consult your real estate agent or broker for these)
  • Offer timetable and expiration date
  • Contingency plans that will come into effect as the result of a canceled/defaulted sale

What Are My Next Steps?

After a deal is accepted, everything that has been contractually agreed upon gets set in motion. The time between the offer acceptance and the closing of the transaction is known as "escrow." Depending on your geographic area, this process may differ, but will likely include third-party handling of transaction documents and funds.

Depending on negotiations, you might have to deposit money into an escrow account. The homeowner may then begin construction on any improvements/renovations required by inspections or the purchase contract, and you'll need to get your financial paperwork in order (including preapprovals, letters of intent and offer contract). All parties involved in the transaction will determine a tentative closing date, when the transaction should be finalized and you are scheduled to receive the keys to your new home.

After all the paperwork is signed, it's almost time to move in. If you think that a final inspection is necessary, be sure to include this in the language of the final contract; technically, you are entitled to as many walkthroughs as you want to determine if the sellers completed all agreed-upon repairs

To get more information about the First American Title can help go to there website at

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