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Real Estate Market Update for Three Rivers South-Sunriver-Zip 97707

This week the median list price for Three Rivers South/ Sunriver (97707) is $1,050 with the real estate market action index hovering around 72. This is an increase over last month's real estate market condition. Inventory at record lows.


You ask "How's the market?"
By comparing rate of sales versus inventory we see the market continues to get hotter. More sales demand and fewer homes listed for sale have contributed to a relatively long run of increasing prices. The current supply and demand levels show no sign of prices changing from their current trend.

Inventory in Sunriver as of today is 2 with one land listing and in Three Rivers South there is only 1 single family resident and one single family resident listed for sale in Crosswater.

Land listings are also at a record low for inventory, there are only 15 including 2 in Caldera Springs.

If you have any questions about what the real estate market I would love to speak to you.

Information was provided by First American Title in Sunriver/ Bend Oregon. If you would like to see the full real estate report you can go directly to the site.


Choosing the Right Statement Piece For Your Home

Every room needs a focal point, whether it's a work of art, a piece of furniture, a light fixture or an eye-catching rug. A statement piece adds visual interest and pulls the space together — and interior designers usually recommend one.

Choosing the Right Statement Piece

Do you want to make sure your living area, bedroom or elsewhere features an attention-getting piece, but not sure where to start?

Here's how you can find the right focal point for your space:

  1. Determine the room's best feature. Whether you have a living area with vaulted ceilings, a dining room with large windows or a bedroom with crown molding, you can use your statement piece to highlight this area.

  2. Understand the scale. Take your room's full size into account. Don't choose a small rug for a huge space or an oversized console table for an entryway. Here is a site with a simple formula for choosing the right size art for your wall.

  3. Decide if you want to go big or subtle. You could do one large statement piece in the center of the room or multiple smaller ones here and there. Consider a large mirror on an accent wall or a pair of striking vases on either side of a fireplace. This will depend on your taste as well as the size and shape of the space. The right size accent rugs are very important as well, you never want to skimp on the size or it will make your room look smaller...

  4. Choose a theme or mix-and-match. Is a single color palette, pattern or material your style? Or would you prefer to blend several looks for something more eclectic?  Whether you're a minimalist or not will probably help you make this decision.

  5. Know your timeline. Maybe you plan to change your statement piece every so often, or perhaps you want something that will be there for the long haul. You may want to choose more subtle, timeless pieces if you plan to keep them for a while.

If you're ready for a new place to design and decorate or need help with getting your place ready to sell, get in touch today for help with your real estate needs.

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